The hardest part of being a magical entertainer for me is the travelling to and from venues. How wonderful it was when I passed my driving test Peter Rabbit was amazed [and so was every one else!] How ever in these modern times every one appears to be in such a hurry and the speed limit is ignored. On the way to events many drivers over take even flashing lights and sounding car horns even though Gertrude [my car] and I are observing the speed limit! We always set of in plenty of time and often arrive at church hall venues before the care taker!  My agent thinks my hobby must be sitting in car parks! How ever once there the rest is easy!  A recent performance was over a hundred miles away a long drive through pouring rain no parking near the venue and a very windy day! How ever when the show was set up and the audience arrived I put on my glitter coat tie and microphone every one laughed [at the humour not the jacket!] and at the conclusion of the performance lots of nice comments from the children and adults  even with stressful journeys and after all these years it is for me still the best job in the world and when the audience sit down the show starts  its always magic!!!

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The robot in the skip and the six million dollar man!

Welcome to the further adventures of Professor Shell. We recently entertained at Sheffield Tigers Club in Sheffield. Lots of balloon modelling we used almost two hundred balloons! A great venue we hope to appear again at future events.   We performed at Zachs Birthday party recently the venue being Bradway community centre a great show concluding with our special multi coloured ticket paper finale!

As some of you may know I have an interest in robots and space toys [much to mothers disappointment!] After a recent visit to the local shops I passed a skip on the way home and much to my surprise peeping over the edge was a Robosapien Robot! I knocked on the door of the nearby house and asked a question I never asked before: may I take the Robot out of your skip? The answer was yes what a great find! [They retail at about £60.00] Mother says I should sell him on ebay! However he is very happy guarding the magic room I have assured him he has permanent position and he seems very happy to have been rescued!

Also met an old school friend recently we talked about old tv programmes and I commented I would like to find a kenner six million dollar man figure [I had one when I was fifteen] . Again on the way home from the shops a few months later met same friend who lives nearby and was kindly presented with the above figure! The old school friend had two of these and may I say what a generous gift. Steve Austin the bionic man is missing one sock and a shoe however I think I can him a replacement on ebay he also came with the engine block accessory and his bionic arm still works via a red button on his back. It has been commented that I may be the only person that can go out to buy a loaf of bread and return with a robot and a six million dollar man figure!

Looking forward to our next blog Best Magical Wishes From Graham [Professor Shell] and Peter The Puppet Rabbit.

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The Story of Peter The Rabbit

As many of you will know Peter The Puppet Rabbit is a real feature in the show. He is very naughty and a real hit with the audience. A few years ago a real Peter Rabbit used to appear in the show. The last two rabbits to play the part of Peter were very special. One was Beatrice who lived to the grand old age of eleven. She would answer to her name and the word sweeties when presented with her favorite treet from the pet store called treetums. She was also very fussy and refused to eat any carrots unless they were peeled first!  On her days of [she lived indoors] she liked to lay half in and half out of the sun in the afternoon with a rotating fan gently blowing the occasional breeze and was a picture of contentment!

Later came peter [real name and stage name] He was the a very naughty rabbit. He liked to bite my fingers would only eat certain foods he did not like carrots would appear out of the box backwards and liked to wee on the magic table. When he first arrived Mother said he was not really cut out for show business and really I should return him to the pet shop which I did. How ever after a sleepless  night [me not the rabbit] a slightly tearful Professor Shell phoned the pet shop and within an hour against Mothers advice Peter returned home.  I loved him because he was really very naughty and had a bit of brown fur below his nose which looked like a comedy mustache!  Peter was in the show for four years.

I had the occasional complaint suggesting real rabbits should not appear in the show and when I stopped producing a real rabbit an email saying they were disappointed  there was no real bunny in the show! I was so sad when Peter and Beatrice went to the great rabbit hutch in the sky and introduced Peter The Puppet Rabbit. The routine has become a real feature in the show and Peter  The Puppet rabbit is still being presented with carrots and receives the occasional fan mail!


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It really has been laughter all the way this weekend we received many nice comments both from the children and adults! On Sunday we arrived at Elsecarr Cricket Club only to find no parking spaces due to various sporting events, After a few drives around we found a space . The adults assisted to carry in all the props [a great help up the flight of stairs!]  we had a really great show and a big reaction from every one. The event was Archies Christening . After the show lots of party food for the children and the adults food being pie and peas! I was presented with a tray of the above and it was wonderful! So full of pie and peas and with further assistance back to the car we set of to entertain Sadie and her guests in Renishaw. The venue was Renishaw community centre we performed our two hour party package [one hour show followed by a break for party food and concluding with a further approximate thirty minute performance consisting of magic and games] Sadies mummy helped with pass the parcel and gave special permission to include our ticket paper grand finale! A wave of the wand and the air becomes full of multi coloured ticket paper gliding gently dowmwards and due to the high ceiling the effect was very spectacular! Finally many thanks to everyone for making this weekend very special! As always best magical wishes from Graham [Professor Shell] and Peter The Puppet Rabbit!

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A magical first blog of the new year from Graham [Professor Shell] and Peter The Puppet Rabbit. We hope every one had a very Happy Christmas and New year! Peter Rabbit and I always enjoy decorating our christmas tree and have considered leaving it on display all year! How ever Mother does not approve!

We enjoyed Christmas Day entertaining at The Holiday Inn in Barnsley [we also appear at this venue on Mothers day and Easter Sunday] Lots of magic and balloons. We arrived early and made one of our very special large sculptures a bunch of flowers it was presented to one of the guests who commented it was one of her favourite Chritmas gifts!

Concluding at about 3.30pm we then visited Mum and Dad I have to say the best part of the day being Mothers wonderful home made roast potatoes!  I was prexented with a very nicely wrapped gift I commented is it a robot! [I really like robots and have a small collection] no it was not a robot but socks! Next year I may ask Father Christmas for socks with robots on!  They are very nice colourful socks and perfect for shows!  Also much needed I never think of buying such things! Last year I attended the January sales with the instruction to buy a nice new jumper I returned with a remote control Dalek! It is an easy mistake to make!

Looking forward to entertaining everyone in 2015! As always Best Magical Wishes From Professor Shell and Peter The Rabbit !!!!

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The Magical World Of Professor Shell


And welcome again to the magical world of Professor Shell! We recently entertained at Oscar and Izzys party in Hathersage. Peter The Puppet Rabbit and I enjoyed entertaining every one! And presented for the first time our new Magic Drawing Board!  A cartoon face is drawn on the board and suddenly his eyes start to move and he talks! A great reaction from the audience we will certainly be featuring this in future performances! The venue was The Bell Room in Hathersage a perfect venue for a Birthday Party,  Other news! I recently visited Steves Toy stall at King Street Sheffield and found a very nice Matchbox Superkings bus. Great excitment! It is bright red and dispalys a Hamleys Toy Shop Advertisment this model has two doors the middle one is painted gold and there is a small button to press and the middle doors open!  Although I am very impressed Peter Rabbit is not and prefers a bunch of carrots. [ !Steves Stall is in Sheffield King Street every Monday] A busy day today I will be taking Auntie Gertrude The Witch Puppet out of the bottom of the wardrobe [she lives there for most of the year!] in time for our Halloween shows. We look forward to our next Blog!

Best Magical Wishes From Graham [Professor Shell] and Peter The Puppet Rabbit





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After a busy weekend entertaining Peter Rabbit and I look forward to Mondays. Peter Rabbit stays at home and spends all day watching TV dressed in his favourite Rupert Bear pyjamas he likes to watch Mr Tumble on the television [and so do I !] While Peter enjoys his day of I will be visiting my good friend Steve at King Street Market Sheffield Steve has a wonderful stall packed full of toys trains and other collectables!  Peter Rabbit has just reminded me to tell everyone about our special weekday parties we offer special rates for our one and two hour performances please email/telephone for details! Many thanks for reading our blogs I will report on any treasures I find on Steves stall next time.

Best Wishes From Professor Shell and Peter The Rabbit!







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Hello everyone

It is a very cold and windy day here at Hocus Pocus Heights however their is still magic in the air! Peter Rabbit and I have just finished watching Santa Clause 2 a great Disney Movie and highly recommened! I have been practicing my new magic trick changing a pencil into tic tac mints! I always enjoy presenting my comedy close magic and writing routines for new magic tricks.  Peter Rabbit and I make various appearances in restaurants presenting  walkabout puppets childrens magic comedy close up magic and balloon modelling! We even have lots of requests for balloons from the grown ups! Today I will be visiting my favourite magic shop called Magick! It can be found on Broad Street in Sheffield a great place for magic! Looking forward to our next blog!

Best Magical Wishes From Graham [Professor Shell]

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Book Now For Christmas!

Hello everyone and welcome to our latest blog! Peter The Puppet rabbit and I have been very busy recently we entertained at Birkdale School a great show and wonderful reactions from the audience!  On Sunday we entertained at Katies christening in Chesterfield everyone had a great time and we really enjoyed presenting our special pass the parcel game this uses clourful nesting cloth bags and has become a feature of our two hour party package! It will soon be Halloween and Auntie Gertrude who is a spectacular witch puppet will taken out of the wardrobe [she lives thier for most of the year] to once again entertain at our Halloween shows! We are very proud and pleased that we will be once again entertaining at Chatsworth Farm yard in December Christmas is a very busy time for Peter and I we advise to book early!  Other news! Great excitment the other day when the postman delivered a 5oth anniversary special British Icon Dalek! Regular customers may know that when we are not busy entertaining we collect Daleks and infact any thing Dr Who! We also like robots particularly vintage ones so if you have any vintage space toys in the loft needing a new home we would be very interested !

Very Best Magical Wishes From Graham [Professor Shell]



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Another Magical Weekend!

Hello everyone!

Peter The Puppet Rabbit and I are having a rest after a busy weekend. At the moment we are sat on the sofa watching cartoons! I call this market research so really we are working [Mother does not agree]. Peters favourite [and mine] cartoon at the moment is Horrid Henry! We think we have the best job in the world making eveyone laugh. At a recent birthday party a little girl commented you are the silliest man I have ever met! What a great compliment!  We recently entertained at Lolas party it Southy Hill like me Lolas dad is a big Dr Who fan and we had a very interesting chat all about Daleks! We then appeared in Carlton in Lindrick to entertain at Mikahs birthday Mikah was a great helper and was dressed as Iron man! On Sunday another show in Carlton in Lindrick entertaining at Isabell and her little brother Georges birthday. A great show everyone laughed including some of the grown ups! The venue was The Parish Centre on Church Lane a very nice venue and perfect for a childrens party. While loading the car the local vicar passed by and commented how nice I looked in my glitter jacket! A nice coclusion to another magical weekend.

Best Magical Wishes from Graham [Professor Shell and Peter The Rabbit!]

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